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“Made In The USA” Eyewear Lenses

Many of the products we enjoy here in the U.S. are imported. The impact COVID-19 has had on international trade flow raised our awareness of how much we depend on foreign countries. Now more than ever, we are more conscious of “made in the USA” purchases. “Are there really any opticals near me that are made on U.S. soil?”

My Optical is your local optical shop with eyewear lenses made in the good ole USA!

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The Process of Making Ophthalmic Lenses

It’s important that we strive to support domestically-made products. When we do this, we have peace of mind knowing we are getting safe and good-quality eyewear frames and lenses.

Your eyes are important to us here at My Optical. We believe in transparency because your trust is important. You get the very best in eyewear quality with us!

Your lenses begin with a chunk of glass or plastic known as a “blank.” It resembles a primitive hockey puck. The lens blanks are produced at a fabricating plant and are then sent to an optical lab. The lab turns the blank into a finished lens, ready for a beautiful set of frames.

The sunglasses and reading glasses you purchase in stores undergo a completely different process. Lenses for this type of eyewear are produced by plastic injection molders without ever going through a grinding/polishing/finishing process.

Optical glass/plastic fabricators make lens blanks either with glass or acrylic/polycarbonate (plastic.) Glass is heavier and more scratch-resistant. Plastic is lightweight and much more comfortable. Most of today’s eyewear contains plastic lenses.

The optical lab takes the lens blank and places it into a “blocker.” It is then ground into the correct curvature. It then goes on to polishing, beveling, sterilization, edging, and coating. After all of these steps have been done, the lenses are sent to the optical shop. An optician inserts the lenses into the eyeglass frames.

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The Eyewear Industry and Importation

Parent eyewear companies that own numerous eyewear brands, vision care chains, and eyewear supplies source the majority of their items through foreign manufacturers and fabricators.

The vision retail industry as a whole here in the U.S. relies on using imported eyewear supplies because it’s cheaper. The savings are passed on to consumers as a result.

“Quality” tends to get lost somewhere in cheaper-made imported products. Lack of quality when it comes to eyewear is not something we want to skimp on because it could easily be dangerous to our health and vision. “Are all eyeglass stores near me selling foreign-made cheap eyewear?” While most optical retailers do rely on imported frames and lenses, not all do.

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Overseas Lab-Made Lenses

Quality control in foreign countries pales in comparison to the U.S. when it comes to the materials that go into making products we use and enjoy every day. What we deem as unacceptable is either tolerated or barely passed in other countries.

When it comes to lens blanks, the parent eyewear suppliers import these blanks from other countries. The end-product blanks are often riddled with defects and questionable materials.

Eyewear importers here in the U.S. are warned to be cautious of defective eye frames and lenses. The uncertainty of quality is easily averted by purchasing lenses made here in the USA

“How can I be sure that a retailer selling opticals near me is made in the USA?” You never have to worry about hazardous materials in lenses purchased from My Optical .

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Quality and Craftsmanship

You get the best in quality and craftsmanship with optical lenses made in the USA. Why not have peace of mind knowing your eyewear is made with the kind of integrity we come to expect here in our great nation? We partner with Zeiss and Kodak to be able to provide you with lenses that outperform other brands.

My Optical’s mission is here to provide you with eyewear that not only corrects your vision conditions but enhances your life in a whole new way.

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  • Brand name designer frames that are affordable for every member of the family.
  • Most vision plans are accepted.
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  • Treatment of eye conditions

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